Kneeling Officer Bronze sculpture By Austin Weishel
Kneeling Officer Bronze sculpture By Austin Weishel

A memorial to honor Line of Duty Death officers is one of the most important sculptures I’m honored to complete for the Police Services. Showing respect for the men and women who sacrifice their lives to serve and protect our communities is incredibly important to me, and I hope that my artwork brings peace to the families and departments that have lost an officer, and brings honor to the officer who gave his or her life in the line of duty.


Adding a kneeling officer to your department’s memorial or monument is a great way to show respect for these men and women of the police services. A timeless image that demands respect and pause — taking time to appreciate their sacrifice and to honor their legacy.


In Jacksonville,  the Sheriff’s Department chose to show their kneeling officer clutching his partner’s badge. This imagery is powerful and conveys the loss that the department and the family endures after a LODD, but also shows a deep reverence for the officer.


In Jacksonville, FL, a kneeling officer places a rose on the thin blue line of the memorial, showing that we are all connected in this tragedy, but the memory and sacrifice of the LODD officers will never be forgotten.


Such an important piece of artwork is meant to last generations and withstand the test of time, always being a safe and sacred place to remember our selfless officers. In memoriam, we pay our respects and honor the brave legacies they left behind.

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