Arson Dog Bronze Sculpture
Arson Dog Bronze Sculpture

I just read an incredible article about the history of arson dogs. Professionals also refer to these animals as accelerant detection canines!


It is an incredible honor to have my sculpture “Ashes to Answers” featured in this article by FEMA. The relationship between dog and canine is invaluable and I strive to show the unique connection they exhibit.

The sculpture can be viewed here: ASHES TO ANSWERS – Arson dog K9 monument,

Read the great article below!

Arson Dogs

In “Ashes to Answers,” the story of the working life of arson dogs comes to life. Made to last the test of time, this sculpture is an enduring tribute to the relationship between arson investigators and their animals.


Labradors are exceptional in this category, utilized often. They also interact with the public at great length, offering another aspect to their popularity.


Arson dogs and their handlers remain at one another’s side constantly. These teams both live and work together


I spent 1,300 hours creating “Ashes to Answers”. This makes the artwork both a commissioned piece and a labor of love.


Incredibly lifelike, other dogs respond to the cast figure as if it is real. Notice the upturned snout as the canine intently watches her handler. He, in turn, affectionately reaches a hand toward her head.

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