What’s Going on in the Studio?

Custom bronze statue artist, Austin Weishel hard at work on his next monument
Custom bronze statue artist, Austin Weishel hard at work on his next monument

What’s Going on in the Studio?

Passion in My Artworks

I’ve always believed in being deeply involved in every aspect of my work, from the initial sketching and clay phase to the intricate technique of “Lost Wax Process”, metal chasing, and welding. Recently, the studio has been buzzing with activity as I’ve taken on the task of personally metal chasing and welding several pieces to ensure both quality and timely arrivals.

With each piece that leaves the studio, I experience a whirlwind of emotions. There’s the excitement of knowing that clients will soon receive their new creations and the anticipation of the powerful emotions that each piece will evoke. However, there’s also a sense that a sculpture is never truly completed. I find myself constantly revisiting pieces, spending months refining folds and stitching to achieve the perfect expression. For me, finishing the clay sculpting stage is always the most challenging mentally, as it marks a pivotal moment in the creation process.

Bronze sculpture artist Austin Weishel sculpting a new bronze sculpture

It’s important to recognize that each sculpture is a labor of love that takes months to years to complete, not to mention the time spent sketching ideas before even touching clay. Despite the challenges and complexities involved, the studio remains a space of creativity and dedication, where each piece is imbued with meaning and significance. As I continue to pour my heart and soul into my work, I look forward to sharing the finished creations with the world, knowing that they will evoke emotions and resonate with viewers for years to come.

Custom Commissions in My Studio Today

Sketching: Custom Bronze War Monument and custom Bronze Native American Sculptures.

Clay Stage: Life size custom Bronze Firefighter Statue.

Bronze Stage: Custom Bronze Phoenix Statue, custom life size women on beach with dog and customized life size Bronze Firefighter “Forced Entry”.

Collaboration: Customized “Our Lady of Guadalupe” Statue with mosaic.

Patina Stage:  2 life size Firefighters and child, and 3 table top “Tools of the Trade”.

Recently Completed:  Customized life size Bronze Firefighter Helmet, customized 6” “Our Lady of Guadalupe” Statue and tabletop “Seeking Justice” 4 of 100.

Bronze firefighter statue ready for the bronze factory. Artist: Austin Weishel
Wax from the “Lost Wax Process” for a custom Firefighter statue.


Life Size firefighter statue Forced Entry
Customized life sized Bronze statue “Forced Entry”


Our Lady Of Guadalupe Statue by Austin Weishel 6ft tall
“Our Lady Of Guadalupe” Statue standing at 6ft tall
Juan Diego bronze sculptures waxes off to the bronze factory By Austin Weishel
“Juan Diego”waxes off to the bronze factory! 1.25% over life size 



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