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Conroe Police Department, Sergeant Ed Holcomb, Jr.

Bronze statue of Conroe Police Department, Sergeant Ed Holcomb, Jr.

On September 14th, 1982, a heroic legacy was set in motion and remains alive to this very day. Sergeant Ed Holcomb Jr of the Conroe Police Department put his life on the line for citizens everywhere during a domestic dispute call that unfortunately took the life of this admired patriot. His service and fidelity stretched […]

Making a Lasting Impression: How Commissioning a Custom Bronze Sculpture Can Honor Your Legacy and Make an Impact

10TH special Forces Group by austin weishel

From honoring our military veterans, Police officers, Firefighters and our heroes to celebrating your family’s timeless legacies to tastefully adorning civic spaces, bronze sculpture has found an enduring place in public and private collections worldwide. Imagine a lasting testament that commemorates past events and inspires generations to come – this is what commissioning a custom-made bronze […]

Adams County Fire Rescue Custom Bronze Sculpture Install by Austin Weishel

This custom bronze sculpture is a heartfelt tribute to the brave men and women of Adams County Fire Rescue who have served, and continue to serve, with courage and selflessness. It honors their past, present, and future; all the firefighters – both paid and volunteer – male and female – who have laid down their […]

How to Commission a Custom Bronze Sculpture From Start to Finish

How to Commission a Bronze Sculpture From Start to Finish By Austin Weishel

Commissioning a bronze sculpture artist can be an intimidating process, but there is no need to worry. With the right tools and information, you can easily commission a custom bronze sculpture from start to finish. Working with a Professional Bronze Sculptor Austin Weishel is an amazing bronze sculptor to work with. He has years of […]

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