Colorado War Dog Memorial. Behind the scenes
Colorado War Dog Memorial. Behind the scenes

The Colorado War Dog Memorial is near completion! I love having clients stop by to see where I’m at in the process. It’s a chance to see what goes in to each step of creating their memorial.


This client even brought their dogs! When the dogs stopped by, I used them as a live model to add detail and realism to the sculptures. Creating the most accurate and beautiful sculptures I can is important to me and I strive to show respect and honor my subject matter.

Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and Contract Working Dogs (CWDs), while their ownership is different, work in the same areas of operation providing unmatched life-saving capabilities. We call them, “War Dogs”.


War dogs risk their lives, sustain injuries and have died valiantly protecting our troops, civilians and freedoms both domestically and overseas.


These noble warriors work tirelessly in scorching heat, freezing cold, blinding sand and also torrential rain, without complaint. They ask for nothing in return except some food, water and love.

Our sincere desire is for the War Dog Memorial to honor the devotion and selfless sacrifice of all war dogs. It is a place of reflection for those who have served with and whose lives were saved by these amazing “heroes with fur”.

The War Dog Memorial is going to be unveiled in June of 2020 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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