Custom Bronze Sculpture Commissions

Looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art to showcase your unique personality? 

Commissioning a custom sculpture allows you to design the piece of your dreams, something that will last generations and bring back memories that are special to you. With every custom sculpture commission I have had the honor of creating, I’ve been able to capture the essence of my client’s vision and make it into a tangible reality.

Imagine being in awe every time you look at your custom sculpture – knowing that this was crafted just for you! Not only is it an amazing piece that can be passed down multiple generations but also an incredible experience. Your own customized statue will provide joy and memorable moments each time you see it or reminisce about its creation. 


Discuss your vision


At the start of every sculpture commission is a discussion of your vision for the custom bronze sculpture. Share any ideas or images you have for the design and explain what emotions or feelings you want it to evoke in viewers. 

Sculptor sketching ideas for custom bronze sculpture on an ipad


Austin Weishel will take your vision and develop sketches until he captures exactly what you had envisioned for the piece. Feel free to ask questions throughout this process so that all of your expectations are met when it comes time for production.  Once the sketches are approved, it's time to move onto production.

Austin Weishel Sculpting The Stanley Hotel


After sketches are finalized, Austin will begin production on the bronze sculpture using traditional lost wax casting techniques where he starts all his sculptures out of clay that never drys. This way, Austin can add all details to the sculpture including stitching on the clothing, to slight wrinkles on the hands. During production, Austin keeps his clients updated on progress through emails, texts, videos, and photos so they know exactly what stage of completion their piece is at.

10TH special Forces Group by austin weishel


Austin is heavily involved with every step of production and is proud to deliver his final pieces to customers. Austin Weishel has years of experience creating stunning custom sculptures that perfectly capture his client’s visions while staying true to his own artistic style. His dedication and passion for creating beautiful, custom bronze sculptures shine through in every project he takes on—making him one of the most sought-after artists in this field today! 

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