Dallas historical project By Austin Weishel
Dallas historical project By Austin Weishel

I’m chipping away at the historic Dallas project! The building that this project is being completed for is connected to the association of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. This building was housing Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shot.

Last week, I finished the lower half of the bronze wall that is being rebuilt, and completed the install. The next step in this project will be adding the glass, grates, and pillars (which are all cast in bronze) to the wall. We will then complete the elevator doors, which are all being hand-built.

This project is exciting because of the architectural detail that is involved in replicating this building’s original construction from the 1900s. Once everything is sculpted by hand, it will be cast in bronze, welded, metal chased, and then sealed to match the original design.

I had one picture to replicate all of the bronze work from, so it is both challenging and rewarding being a part of preserving this historical building.

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