Funding a bronze Sculpture By Austin Weishel
Funding a bronze Sculpture By Austin Weishel
Bronze sculptures are timeless pieces that demand respect, deliver praise, and touch lives for generations. Many times, organizations feel overwhelmed with the thought of fundraising for such an important memorial.
Fundraising for your memorial doesn’t have to be intimidating. On the contrary, it can be an important and integral part of the conception process that can bring awareness and generate excitement for the beautiful and meaningful memorial that is being designed.
Many times when I am commission for a custom piece, I begin by sculpting a small replica of the memorial, called a mockette. Using this sculpture, you can create excitement on social media, showing your followers and community members the beautiful art that will soon be life size. You can also create a meaningful video, describing why this piece is so important to your community.
When asking for donations, one way to honor those who donate gifts is by a memorial brick, inlaid within the sculpture’s path, or a bronze plaque. These are great ways create an incentive for giving.
A fun way to generate funds is a hole-in-one tournament or a golf outing. These bring people people and you have a change to communicate in person what your memorial is bringing to your city.
Lastly, a great resource for fundraising is your city officials. You may be able to apply for grants to help fund your sculpture. You may also be asked to use a 5013C for these funds. Information about grants and non-profit status is easily accessible online.
Fundraising for a project may seen daunting, but each little bit helps create a beautiful piece that a community will be proud to have for generations. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or contact me for assistance in this crucial piece of your journey.

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