Kneeling bronze sculpture
Kneeling bronze sculpture

Juan Diego has reached his final patina. It has been a pleasure getting to work on the counterpart to Our Lady of Guadalupe. He is equally as remarkable in his stature.


If standing, would reach 7.5 feet tall—an impressive 1.25 over life size. Juan clutches a bouquet of roses. He presents these to a bishop after being instructed by Guadalupe to do so. The roses are a candy coated, deep, rich red that starkly contrasts against the torn, frayed, and tattered cloak of Juan Diego. I sculpted his clothing as realistic as possible for the time frame as well as the conditions of his time.


Juan Diego experienced his first vision of Guadalupe 1531 on December 9th. On December 12th, an image of Guadalupe appeared once more. Juan see an image imprinted on the inside of his cloak. He is kneeling, clutching the winter roses. This sculpture, like Guadalupe, replicates the painting to the closest degree. See both sculptures here: Austin Weishel (@austinweishel) • Instagram photos and videos


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My  exact replica of Our Lady of Guadalupe can be viewed here: OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE – austinweishel.com

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