New Firefighter Memorial Dedicated in Troy, MI

"Tools of the Trade" Bronze Sculpture dedicated in Troy, MI. Bronze Sculpture By Austin Weishel
"Tools of the Trade" Bronze Sculpture dedicated in Troy, MI. Bronze Sculpture By Austin Weishel

On June 26th, 2022, a limited edition, 1.5x over life size “Tools of the Trade” was dedicated in a ceremony that honored fire department members who had served for over ten years.

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Sitting atop a sturdy stone base, “Tools of the Trade” is a sculptural tribute to the equipment and items a firefighter uses daily. Detailed replicas capture the look and feel of well-worn bunker gear, boots that have seen their share of battle against fierce infernos, and a helmet which was worn to ensure that these brave souls would make it back home to their families unharmed. These symbols of a life devoted to service are meant to bring honor and remembrance to those who have sacrificed so much for their communities.

This sculpture is designed with realism and craftsmanship in mind; each piece is carefully chosen for its detail, durability, and emotional impact. The bunker gear, for example, is made from heavy duty fire retardant material that is typical of what firefighters wear into burning buildings. The adjustable suspenders are faithfully replicated using hardened metal clips and buckles while weighted rubber soles adorn the bunker boots which have been subjected to extreme temperatures during rescue missions. Finally, the signature fire helmet has been handcrafted down to every last detail such as its classic black patina (coloring of the sculpture) finish with silver on the firefighter shield.

The goal behind this memorial piece is simple – it seeks to honor those individuals who have dedicated themselves completely towards protecting their fellow citizens from harm’s way no matter how dangerous or dire the situation may be. It is a reminder of both the bravery they embody but also the utmost respect they deserve from generations past, present and future alike.

For your own limited edition or a custom commission for your department, you can contact me at: 970-231-8077.

You can view “Tools of the Trade” limited edition here. Learn more about and view my fire sculpture work here.


"Tools of the Trade" firefighter Bronze Sculpture of firefighter gear and axe dedicated in Troy, MI. Bronze Sculpture By Austin Weishel

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