A vision by Juan Diego
A vision by Juan Diego

As of today, November 23rd 2021, ” Our Lady of Guadalupe” is now complete! This sculpture took a great deal of time and focus, but I am immensely proud and cannot wait to see her installed! I took time to measure her out complete to ensure that the sculpture is an exact replica.


Please take a moment to check her out!

Standing at 6 feet tall, this bronze sculpture is an exact replica of the iconic historical and religious figure. Lady Guadalupe is complete! She is colored in full patina, mirroring the painting recounted by Juan Diego. Available in 10- and 6-foot heights, as well as a wall relief, this limited edition is available for purchase. For more information on this piece, as well as others, please visit AustinWeishel.com.
If you would like to view her counterpart, Juan Diego please click here: JUAN DIEGO – austinweishel.com


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