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THE Process

THE Process

How it works

Interested in how a sculpture goes from idea to conception? Follow along as I take you through each step of the sculpture making process to learn how. 

sketching a new bronze 9/11 memorial sculpture in Colorado for public art work



It’s a feeling, memory, picture, vision, or a sketch that the client wants to capture for their artwork. This will show the beginning stages of the client’s dream coming to a reality for themselves and others to see.


Clay Sculpting

For large sculptures, life size and above, I start from carving foam to make a rough outline of the sculpture. I then apply an oil based clay that never dries over the foam. For smaller sculptures, I create a scaled down version of a larger piece, called a maquette. These are sculpted out of solid clay without using any foam. Because the clay never dries, I am able to add the maximum amount of detail to give a life- like feeling to the sculpture.

Sculpting a new sculpture


Model Making

In model making, the artist creates an original model from wax or clay. This is followed up with mold making, where a fiberglass or plaster case is made. The mother mold is important for supporting flexible material and is kept for future use to recreate the original as needed


Wax Pouring

Then, a special layer of wax poured or painted into the interior of the mold, referred to as wax pouring, coats the mold.


Ceramic Shell

From there, a ceramic shell is created. Each piece is dipped into a slurry of silica sand. This process is repeated several times; along with giving bigger pieces receive thicker shells.



Burnout comes next, which involves de-waxing the wax sculpture.


Metal Pouring

This is called metal pouring. Once the bronze is cool, the ceramic shell is hammered, chiseled, and is released by sandblasting.



Next, welding joins the pieces together that were just cast. This takes quite a bit of time and is a very skilled and laborious process.



Metal Chasing

After welding, metal chasing comes next (similar to wax chasing). This is where grinding tools are used to grind down each weld. This is one of the most grueling aspects of the sculpture making process.




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