OverWatch – A Sculpture that Moves You Emotionally

OverWatch Bagpiper Bronze Sculpture by Austin Weishel
OverWatch Bagpiper Bronze Sculpture by Austin Weishel

Art always finds a way to express emotion and evoke feelings in its viewers, but when combined with history, it creates a powerful representation of our past. My latest sculpture called OverWatch was created from my experience as a firefighter, and it was inspired by the bagpipers who play at countless events and memorial services. Their music always created a profound impact on me and I wanted to capture that feeling. In essence, I wanted to create a sculpture that could move others like I’ve been moved.

Creating an Engaging Sculpture

OverWatch Bagpiper Bronze Sculpture by Austin WeishelOverWatch is made using bronze and was created using the lost wax casting method and depicts a bagpiper standing tall, playing his instrument with passion. One of the unique features of this sculpture is the QR code located below it. As a viewer approaches, they can scan the code and listen to the sound of the bagpiper playing Amazing Grace as they take in the fine details of the sculpture. Further, this sculpture becomes more than just a piece of art, it becomes a chance for the viewer to engage with it.

Showcasing Traditions Through Bronze Sculpture

Bronze is a timeless material, just like the bagpiper’s sound. The history of the bagpiper in different sectors of society is vast. Bagpipers have long been part of military traditions, fire department ceremonies, sheriff department functions, and police services for centuries. Furthermore, the sound of the bagpipes is a symbol of honor, courage, and sacrifice.

Customizing OverWatch: Making the Sculpture Your Own

This sculpture is unique because the outfit of the bagpiper can be modified and customized. Just as every bagpiper is different, this sculpture can be customized to represent the look of any particular bagpiper. Everyone can see their own community represented in this sculpture.

If you are interested in having a version of OverWatch customized for yourself, please contact me to start the process.

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