Pensacola Military Monument
Pensacola Military Monument

The memorial for the Pensacola, Florida military monument, reached its final bronzing. The installation took place in May of 2019


This piece showcases two military apparatus; a UH-60 Helicopter and a Humvee. The helicopter is over 3 feet long, while the Humvee sits at 2.5 feet in length. Bronze patina makes up the piece and it sits on a base of stone. Sculpting this piece was a fun challenge for me. I had to ensure that all of the dimensions and measurements were accurate to the military vehicle that I was sculpting. Therefore, it was extremely time consuming but rewarding.

I designed this memorial in order to honor the ground and air war fought during the Desert Storm era. These vehicles for the Florida Memorial will sit at the entrance to the memorial site, welcoming visitors and people honoring our Army and Military troops.

You can learn more about the military memorial park here.

The monument is a special military piece that I am honored to have been a part of. Being able to create this Pensacola Military Memorial for the men and women of the armed forces is always special to me, and I consider it a gift to be able to partake in the celebration of this time.

More updates coming soon as the Pensacola Military Memorial reaches completion!


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