When I Grow Up is a limited edition, life size bronze sculpture.


Through the eyes of a child there is nothing quite so reassuring as being held safely in sturdy arms.


A feeling of trust and security can inspire kids to dream of becoming the heroes they admire.


“When I Grow Up,” shows the happy expression of a young boy as he considers the possibility of being able to possess the same courage, strength and respect of the firefighter who carries him. The duo are brought to life with attention to emotional and physical detail.


From the helmet sitting oversized and askew on the child’s head, along with bare legs, sneakers and an outstretched arm, to the larger, steadying force of his holder’s gloved hand and realistic suit, a story unfolds. The tale is one of reliability, duty and protection, highlighting the stoic solidity of the firefighter as well as the youthful exuberance of a boy who is on his way, to a future that is calling invitingly to him… when he grows up.


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Fire Station 1, Grand Junction, Colorado

Seagrave Fire Apparatus, Clintonville, WI

Medium: Bronze

Size: Life-size, 6.2ft tall


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